Explore stories of how you’re helping kids around the world through the power of your purchase.

  • Fair Trade Federation Principle #2

      Developing Transparent and Accountable Relationships Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the fabric of your shirt came from? Wait… what’s even in this fabric? Who made it? How much were they paid? Were they treated fairly?   What story does my shirt tell?     The second principle Fair Trade Federation members must […]

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  • Fair Trade Federation Principle #1

      We recently announced our membership into the Fair Trade Federation. The term “fair trade” is claimed by many, but fewer than 200 companies have been screened, verified and accepted by the FTF. This honor is followed by a commitment to uphold the nine principles on which FTF was founded.   We work each day […]

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  • GOEX Accepted Into Fair Trade Federation

    We are excited to share GOEX is now a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation. With fewer than 200 members worldwide, the Fair Trade Federation’s (FTF) acceptance of GOEX reflects our deep commitment to the highest standards of fair trade and the pursuit of a more just and sustainable world.     What does […]

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  • Apparel That Stands for More

    We live in a world that idolizes “cheap” and “fast” in clothing. But hidden behind those low price tags, you’ll find a human supply chain.     Every piece of clothing you own has been touched by the hands of apparel workers. In the age of cheap and fast, often times you’ll find those employees labor […]

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  • T-SHIRT IMPACT | Helping Refugees and Families in Lebanon

    What does it mean for GOEX to care for kids? Sometimes caring for kids looks like supporting the whole family unit to keep children with their biological parents in a safe and loving home. We want to share with you the stories of three families impacted through your shopping choices.   Because you chose to […]

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  • T-SHIRT IMPACT | Food for Kids

    44 children in Gulu, Uganda experienced the impact of the GOEX customer community’s purchases this year. All the profit — every bit of it — from GOEX apparel goes directly to care for children around the world. This project funded their basic life care — including food, shelter, medical care, education and 24-hour care for three months.

    Gulu is located in northern Uganda, an area ravaged by HIV/AIDS and 20-plus year civil war that saw a multitude of people killed, children forced into a rebel army (Lord’s Resistance Army), and families ripped apart. To say there’s a need for orphan care in northern Uganda would be a dramatic understatement. Local partners of The Global Orphan Project (GO) opened The Father’s House, a

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  • Haiti to Paris and Back Again

    Meet Melissa Coles. Coles is the Director of Product Development at GOEX’s production facility in Haiti — LIFE S.A.

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  • GOEX is Better Work Certified

    GOEX, the brand that cares for kids, is proud to be a Better Work certified organization. What does that mean? It

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  • T-SHIRT IMPACT | Caring for Kalkedon

    Meet Kalkedon. Every time you shop GOEX, all the profit goes to fund projects set in motion to help children like her. By

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  • T-SHIRT IMPACT | 1,000 Kids Helped in August

    To the GOEX Customer Community –

    Thank you. Because you chose to care for

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